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Best AI Essay Writer Tools

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Jun 6, 2024
Aug 17, 2023
Best AI Essay Writer Tools
Best AI Essay Writer Tools

AI Essay Writer Definition

Choosing the Best Essay Writing AI

Which AI Is Best at Writing Essays?



Did you know that over 60% of students have used some form of AI assistance for their writing tasks? Indeed, artificial intelligence is changing how we do almost everything, including writing.

AI essay writer tools have become incredibly helpful for students, professionals, and anyone who needs to write essays. These tools use advanced technology to understand what you need, come up with ideas, and create well-written essays quickly and easily.

This article looks at the best AI essay writer solutions available now, discussing their features, benefits, and how they're making writing easier for everyone.

AI Essay Writer Definition

An AI essay writer is a digital tool powered by artificial intelligence designed to assist users in creating written content, particularly essays. These tools use advanced algorithms and natural language processing to analyze prompts, generate ideas, and produce well-structured, coherent, and grammatically correct essays.

The best essay writing AI mimics human writing patterns and understands contextual nuances to help students, professionals, and content creators. It makes the writing process more efficient and less time-consuming. Such tools can also offer suggestions for improving style, tone, and clarity, enhancing the overall quality of the written work.

Now, let’s explore the top 10 AI tools for essays that students can use for their daily writing activities:

Choosing Best Essay Writing AI


EssayGenius is a noteworthy tool for essay writing. It offers a range of features designed to streamline the writing process and improve the quality of essays. It leverages advanced AI to help users generate ideas, structure their essays, and easily refine their writing.

The tool is particularly beneficial for students and professionals who must quickly produce well-organized and coherent essays. Its user-friendly interface and robust functionality make it a strong contender in the field of AI essay writing. However, like any tool, it has its strengths and limitations.

Prices: There’s a Free Plan to get introduced to the service and an Academic Monthy Plan for $9.99 a month. An annual subscription with bulk prices is also available.

Pros Cons
Generates ideas quickly. Limited customization options.
User-friendly interface. May require editing for accuracy.
Helps structure essays efficiently. Can be expensive for premium features.
Improves overall writing quality. May not fully understand complex topics.
Time-saving and convenient. Dependency on internet connection.


ChatGPT, developed by OpenAI, is one of the best AI for writing essays due to its sophisticated natural language processing capabilities.

It can generate coherent, well-structured essays on a wide range of topics, offering valuable assistance in brainstorming, drafting, and editing. Its ability to understand and respond to detailed prompts makes it a versatile option for students, professionals, and content creators.

However, while ChatGPT can significantly enhance the writing process, it may still require human oversight to ensure the accuracy and relevance of the content, especially for complex or specialized subjects.

Prices: ChatGPT is a free tool that can cover all your basic features. More advanced features will cost you $20/month.

Pros Cons
Generates well-structured essays. May produce content requiring editing.
Versatile across various topics. Potential for occasional inaccuracies.
Excellent for brainstorming. Lacks deep understanding of niche topics.
Time-efficient and convenient. Relies on internet connection.
Easy to use. Risk of generating repetitive content.

The Good AI

The Good AI

The Good AI is a useful tool for essay writing, leveraging artificial intelligence to assist users in crafting clear and well-structured essays.

It provides a range of features designed to help with idea generation, organization, and refinement of content, making it particularly beneficial for students and writers looking to enhance their productivity and writing quality. Its intuitive interface and helpful suggestions can significantly improve the writing process.

Nevertheless, while The Good AI can be a valuable aid, it may still require human intervention to ensure the accuracy and depth of the final content, especially for more complex or nuanced topics.

Prices: In addition to a Free plan, there’s also a Premium plan for $5/month.

Pros Cons
Helps with idea generation. May need human editing for precision.
Provides structure and organization. Limited depth on specialized topics.
Improves writing quality. Can be expensive for advanced features.
User-friendly interface. Dependency on internet connection.
Time-efficient and convenient. May occasionally produce generic content.

Jasper AI

Jasper AI

Jasper AI is an excellent tool for essay writing. It is renowned for its advanced AI capabilities, which facilitate the creation of high-quality, well-organized content. It assists users by generating ideas, offering structure, and providing stylistic improvements, making it a valuable resource for students, professionals, and content creators.

Its ability to produce coherent and contextually appropriate essays on diverse topics sets it apart. However, while Jasper AI can significantly streamline the writing process, users may still need to review and refine the content to ensure it meets specific requirements and maintains accuracy, particularly for specialized subjects.

Prices: The tool offers a free 7-day trial and a Creator plan (basic) for $39/month. A pro version will cost you $59/month.

Pros Cons
Generates high-quality content. Requires human review for accuracy.
Excellent idea generation. Can be pricey for premium features.
Offers stylistic improvements. Limited understanding of niche topics.
Produces well-organized essays. May produce content needing refinement.
Versatile across various subjects. Dependent on a stable internet connection.

Eduwriter AI

Eduwriter AI

Eduwriter AI is a valuable tool for essay writing, offering features tailored to assist students and writers in creating clear, well-structured essays. It excels in generating relevant ideas, organizing content effectively, and enhancing writing quality through its advanced AI algorithms.

Eduwriter AI's user-friendly interface and comprehensive support make it a practical choice for those looking to streamline their writing process and produce polished essays efficiently.

However, while it provides substantial assistance, users might need to review and fine-tune the generated content to ensure accuracy and depth, particularly for complex or specialized topics.

Prices: Monthly: $19/month; Yearly: $11/month; Quarterly: $14/month.

Pros Cons
Generates relevant ideas. Requires human review for precision.
Effective content organization. May not fully understand complex topics.
Enhances writing quality. Can be costly for advanced features.
User-friendly interface. Dependent on internet connection.
Time-efficient and practical. May occasionally produce generic content.


Editpad AI presents a promising option for essay writing. It leverages AI-powered tools to aid users in refining their writing with clarity and precision.

Its intuitive interface and comprehensive grammar and style suggestions make it a valuable resource for students and professionals who want to improve the quality of their essays.

Editpad AI's ability to provide real-time feedback on grammar, punctuation, and coherence streamlines the editing process, saving time and effort. While it improves writing mechanics, users may still need to supplement their content with additional research and critical analysis to ensure depth and accuracy.

Prices: Free for personal use.

Pros Cons
Offers comprehensive grammar and style suggestions. Limited in-depth content analysis.
Intuitive interface. Requires supplemental research for content.
Provides real-time feedback. May not fully understand complex topics.
Streamlines the editing process. Dependent on internet connection.
Time-saving and efficient. Can be costly for premium features.

Samwell AI

Samwell AI

Samwell AI presents a compelling solution for essay writing tasks. It boasts sophisticated AI-driven capabilities designed to assist users in crafting well-structured and coherent essays. With its intuitive interface and robust features, Samwell AI streamlines the writing process by offering assistance in brainstorming, outlining, and refining content.

Its ability to generate relevant ideas and provide contextually appropriate suggestions makes it a valuable resource for students and professionals. Although Samwell AI excels in facilitating the initial stages of essay writing, users may still need to supplement its output with additional research and critical analysis to ensure the depth and accuracy of their essays.

Prices: There’s a 100% free plan with a 1000-word limit. Paid plans start from $8/month, depending on the word limit.

Pros Cons
Intuitive interface. May require additional research for depth.
Offers assistance in brainstorming and outlining. Limited understanding of complex topics.
Provides relevant ideas and suggestions. Dependent on internet connection.
Streamlines the writing process. Can be expensive for premium features.
Saves time and enhances productivity. May need human review for accuracy.


Textero can be a useful tool for essay writing, as it offers various features like grammar checking, plagiarism detection, and style suggestions that can enhance the quality of writing. Its intuitive interface and compatibility with different document formats make it convenient for students and professionals alike. Additionally, its ability to provide real-time feedback can help users improve their writing skills efficiently.

Note that while Textero can be beneficial, it's essential to note that it might not catch all errors. Its suggestions should be used alongside critical thinking and manual proofreading to ensure the highest quality of writing.

Prices: Besides a free plan, a Pro plan costs $16/month.

Pros Cons
Grammar checking feature. Might miss some errors.
Plagiarism detection. Requires internet connection.
Style suggestions. Subscription-based pricing model.
Real-time feedback. Limited customization options.
Compatibility with document formats. Dependency on AI accuracy.
Intuitive interface. Potential privacy concerns.



Aithor, a writing assistant, can be beneficial for essay writing due to its features like grammar and style suggestions, topic generation, and citation assistance. Its ability to streamline the writing process, offer relevant research material, and provide feedback on coherence and structure can aid in crafting well-organized and polished essays.

On the other hand, its effectiveness ultimately depends on the user's proficiency and the complexity of the task. Here's a table summarizing Aithor's pros and cons:

Pros Cons
Grammar and style suggestions. Dependency on AI for critical thinking.
Topic generation and research assistance. Limited understanding of context and nuance.
Citation assistance and referencing tools. Potential for reliance leading to skill stagnation.
Feedback on coherence and structure. Privacy concerns and data security risks.
Time-saving features for writing efficiency. Limited customization options for advanced users.

Prices: The starter plan costs $9/month.

Jenni AI

Jenni AI can be beneficial for essay writing because it can generate content quickly, offer suggestions, and provide insights. It can assist in brainstorming ideas, structuring arguments, and even proofreading. However, its effectiveness depends on the user's proficiency in filtering and refining the generated content to ensure coherence and relevance to the topic.

As a generally awesome tool that can save time and offer valuable assistance, it's essential to critically evaluate its suggestions and ensure the final output reflects the user's voice and understanding of the subject matter.

Prices: The free plan provides only 200 words every day. For unlimited words, you will have to pay $20/month.

Pros Cons
Quick content generation. Dependency on AI for content creation.
Idea generation and structuring. Risk of plagiarism if not properly utilized.
Proofreading assistance. Potential for incoherent or irrelevant output.
Time-saving capabilities. Limited depth of analysis.
Provides insights and suggestions. Requires critical evaluation by the user.

Which AI Is Best at Writing Essays?

When it comes to using AI for writing essays, it can be overwhelming to choose the best tool. There are so many options out there, each with its own set of features and strengths. By comparing how well they work, how easy they are to use, and how effective they are overall, we hope to make it easier for you to decide on the best AI for writing essays for your academic needs.

AI Essay Writing Tool Key Features Interface Benefits
EssayGenius Advanced content generation, plagiarism detection. Clean and intuitive, with easy navigation. Efficient content creation, plagiarism prevention.
ChatGPT Conversational interface, diverse language support. Text-based, chat-like interface. Natural interaction, versatile language capabilities.
The Good AI Comprehensive research capabilities, editing assistance. User-friendly layout with clear instructions. Enhanced research support, editing guidance.
Jasper AI Advanced writing suggestions, grammar and style checks. Minimalist design, with focus on suggestions. Polished writing output, grammar improvement.
Eduwriter AI Structured essay templates, citation management. Template-driven layout for easy navigation. Streamlined essay writing, proper citation handling.
Editpad Real-time collaboration, version control. Collaborative workspace with chat feature. Seamless team collaboration, version tracking.
Samwell AI Smart summarization, topic analysis. Minimalist interface, focusing on key features. Efficient summarization, topic clarity.
Textero Contextual content generation, customizable prompts. Flexible interface allowing customization. Tailored content creation, adaptable prompts.
Aithor Deep research insights, data visualization. Data-driven dashboard with visualizations. In-depth research support, visualized data.
Jenni AI Idea generation, proofreading assistance. User-friendly interface with guided prompts. Quick content generation, error detection.


Always remember that AI writing assistants are only instruments. They have their flaws and limitations, which requires constant human supervision. AI makes mistakes, so your involvement will be needed a lot.

If you need an instant solution to your paper hurdles, we suggest a 100% human paper writing service for students that delivers turnkey-ready compositions that are fully ready for submission. This way, it will be more reliable and fail-proof. Humans are still more powerful than machines.

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Is It Acceptable to Use AI to Write Essays?

Yes, it's acceptable to use AI to write essays as long as it's used ethically and responsibly, with proper understanding and oversight from the user. AI can assist in generating ideas, improving writing quality, and saving time, but it's crucial to ensure the final work reflects the user's understanding and effort.

Can I Use an AI to Write an Essay?

Certainly, you can use AI to write an essay, especially if you need assistance in brainstorming ideas, structuring arguments, or enhancing writing clarity. However, it's important to critically evaluate and edit the output to maintain coherence, originality, and adherence to academic standards.

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