Good Persuasive Speech Topics That Spark Intrigue

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Apr 30, 2024
Apr 30, 2024
Good Persuasive Speech Topics That Spark Intrigue

What is a Good Persuasive Speech?

Characteristics of a Great Persuasive Speech Topic

Good Persuasive Speech Topics

Easy Persuasive Speech Topics

Fun Persuasive Speech Topics

Interesting Persuasive Speech Topics

Looking for a persuasive speech topic that will make your presentation stand out? You're in luck! We've got plenty of awesome ideas that can help you grab your audience's attention and keep them interested. Whether you're keen on talking about the benefits of smiling, the impact of gratitude, or the surprising health advantages of hugs, we've got you covered.

In this article, our persuasive essay writer will suggest some compelling topics that are not only fascinating but also easy to understand and discuss. With these interesting persuasive speech topics, you'll have your audience hanging on your every word. So, let's make your listeners sit up and take notice!

What is a Good Persuasive Speech?

A good persuasive speech is one where you can sway people to see things your way or take action. You've probably had moments when you tried to convince your friends to join you in watching your favorite movie or trying out a new restaurant. That's it exactly - you use your words and reasons to explain why your idea is worth considering.

If you're already familiar with how to write a persuasive essay, the same applies to making a great speech. You need to grab your audience's attention right from the start and keep it until the end. This means using interesting facts, sharing personal stories, and maybe even adding a bit of humor. The goal is to make your audience think, feel, or behave differently by the time you finish speaking.

So, it's important to choose a persuasive speech topic you're passionate about - or use our cheap paper writing service, which will prepare your arguments thoroughly to have the greatest impact!

Characteristics of a Great Persuasive Speech Topic

What makes a great persuasive speech topic? It's all about choosing something that both you and your audience care about deeply. Your topic should be interesting and relevant, like discussing the importance of recycling or advocating for kindness towards others.

A great topic is focused, allowing you to concentrate on persuading people about one specific idea. Plus, a bit of controversy or debate can really ignite interest and get people talking.

Moreover, weaving personal anecdotes or real-life examples into your speech can make your arguments more relatable and convincing. Sharing personal experiences adds authenticity and helps your audience emotionally connect with your topic.

Additionally, it's important to anticipate and address potential counterarguments. Acknowledging opposing viewpoints shows your credibility and strengthens your persuasive appeal by demonstrating thoughtful consideration.

So, when selecting your persuasive speech topics, consider what resonates with you and what will capture your audience's attention. If you lack confidence, you can buy speech online from our experts that will truly resonate!

Good Persuasive Speech Topic

Good Persuasive Speech Topics

Our list of persuasive speech topics dives into a variety of captivating subjects, ensuring you'll stumble upon something that truly speaks to both you and your audience. Once you've singled out your favorite, simply reach out and ask us to 'write my speech for me,' and we'll whip up a persuasive speech that truly strikes a chord!


  1. Concerns About Widespread Face Scanning
  2. Making School Fun with Cool Glasses
  3. Benefits of Fast Internet for Sick People
  4. Influence of Social Media Robots
  5. Using Sun and Wind Power to Combat Pollution
  6. Using Your Face as a Password
  7. Importance of Internet Shops for Small Businesses
  8. Detecting Fake Videos
  9. The Future of Self-Driving Cars
  10. Preventing Cheating with Computers in Stores
  11. Bridging the Digital Divide
  12. Effects of Virtual Reality
  13. Environmental Impact of Old Phones
  14. Therapeutic Benefits of Talking to Screens
  15. Role of Computers in Medicine


  1. Driving Business Success with Storytelling in Marketing
  2. Unlocking Productivity and Satisfaction with Remote Work
  3. Building Trust and Loyalty through Corporate Social Responsibility
  4. Convenience vs. Ownership: The Subscription-Based Business Model Rise
  5. Leveraging Authenticity for Brand Growth: Influencer Marketing Potential
  6. Opportunities and Challenges in the Gig Economy for Freelancers and Employers
  7. Turning Numbers into Action: Data Analytics Impact on Decision-Making
  8. Balancing Profit and Environmental Responsibility: Sustainable Supply Chain Strategies
  9. Adapting Brick-and-Mortar Stores for Survival in the Digital Retail Age
  10. Driving Innovation and Performance with Diversity and Inclusion
  11. Creating Engaged Teams with Emotional Intelligence in Leadership
  12. Shaping the Online Shopping Experience: E-commerce Evolution Trends
  13. Safeguarding Business Assets and Customer Data with Cybersecurity
  14. Reshaping the Economy with Micro-Entrepreneurship and Side Hustles
  15. Traditional Business Adaptation in the Sharing Economy: Opportunities and Threats


These topic ideas are versatile and suitable for persuasive speeches or even for shaping your descriptive essay format. Feel free to use them in either way!

  1. Why Eating Together Matters: Benefits of Family Mealtime
  2. Parental Involvement's Impact on Children's Academic Success
  3. Building Strong Relationships in Blended Families: Strategies and Tips
  4. Setting Boundaries in Family Dynamics: Importance and Strategies
  5. Sibling Relationships' Role in Child Development: Understanding and Nurturing
  6. Family Bonding Through Outdoor Activities: Benefits and Enjoyment
  7. Support Systems and Solutions for Single Parenthood Challenges
  8. Finding a Healthy Balance: Technology's Impact on Family Communication
  9. Creating Lasting Memories with Family Traditions: Their Value
  10. Breaking the Stigma: Promoting Mental Health Awareness in Families
  11. Constructive Management of Family Conflict: Understanding and Approaches
  12. Modern Family Structures: The Role of Grandparents
  13. Fostering Kindness and Compassion at Home: Raising Empathetic Children
  14. Family Well-being: Benefits of Pet Ownership
  15. Coping Together: Building Resilience in Family Units against Life's Challenges

Social Media

  1. The Psychological Effects of 'Likes' Addiction: How Social Media Affects Self-Esteem
  2. Redefining Beauty Standards: Social Media's Influence on Body Image
  3. Creating a Safer Online Environment: Strategies to Address Cyberbullying
  4. Recognizing Teen Mental Health Signs Amid Social Media Impact
  5. Amplifying Voices for Change: Social Media's Role in Political Activism
  6. Protecting Children Online: Dangers of Online Predators
  7. How Social Media Shapes Perspectives: Understanding the Filter Bubble
  8. Combating Fake News: Addressing Misinformation on Social Media
  9. Examining Influencer Culture's Impact on Consumer Behavior
  10. Exploring the Link Between Social Media and Sleep Disorders
  11. Ethical Implications of Targeted Advertising on Social Media
  12. Embracing Authenticity Over 'Perfect' Life Pressure on Social Media
  13. Building Communities Online: Social Media's Role in Fostering Connections
  14. Bridging Political Divides: Social Media's Influence on Polarization
  15. Empowering Users with Digital Literacy for Safe and Critical Social Media Use


  1. Outdoor Learning's Benefits for School Curriculums
  2. Teaching Emotional Intelligence in Schools for Student Well-being
  3. Representation Matters: Promoting Diversity in Education
  4. Enhancing Classroom Engagement with Technology
  5. Implementing Mindfulness Practices for Student Benefits in Schools
  6. Prioritizing Student Well-being: Addressing Mental Health in Schools
  7. Financial Literacy Education Importance for Students
  8. Benefits of Project-Based Learning in Classroom Settings
  9. Music Education's Impact on Cognitive Development
  10. Encouraging Innovation and Problem-Solving Through Creativity in Education
  11. Promoting Equality with Gender-Neutral Education
  12. Introducing Coding and Computer Science Early in Education
  13. Strategies for Inclusive Education: Addressing Learning Disabilities in Schools
  14. Creating Sustainable Communities with Environmental Education
  15. Taking Education Beyond the Classroom: Value of Experiential Learning

Essays Lurking Around Every Corner?

Let us tackle them with finesse while you dive into your passions!

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  1. Developing Life Skills Through Youth Sports Participation
  2. Breaking Barriers for Female Athletes: Importance of Gender Equity in Sports
  3. Reducing Youth Crime and Delinquency Through Sports
  4. Building Resilience and Coping Skills: Sports' Impact on Mental Health
  5. Ensuring Fair Play: Addressing Performance-Enhancing Drugs in Sports
  6. Accessible Sports Opportunities for Individuals with Disabilities
  7. Promoting Social Inclusion and Diversity Through Sports
  8. Improving Coaching and Player Development with Sports Analytics
  9. Fostering Respect and Integrity: Importance of Sportsmanship in Youth Sports
  10. Balancing Athletics and Education: Sports' Positive Effects on Academic Achievement
  11. Promoting Physical Health and Well-being Through Sports
  12. Weighing Costs and Benefits: Economic Impact of Hosting Major Sporting Events
  13. Integrating Sports into Rehabilitation Programs for Benefits
  14. Prioritizing Athlete Safety: Addressing Concussions in Sports
  15. Building Leadership Skills and Teamwork Abilities Through Sports

Social Issues

  1. Tackling Homelessness and its Effect on Mental Health
  2. Ensuring Housing Accessibility for People with Disabilities
  3. Strategies to Combat Food Insecurity and Ensure Nutritional Equity
  4. Promoting Understanding and Support for Mental Illness
  5. Urgent Action Needed for Climate Change's Impact on Vulnerable Communities
  6. Creating Inclusive Environments for LGBTQ+ Rights
  7. Understanding the Effects of Mass Incarceration on Families and Communities
  8. Empowering Victims and Prosecuting Perpetrators of Human Trafficking
  9. Implementing Effective Policies for Gun Violence Prevention
  10. Addressing Systemic Racism and Inequality for Racial Justice
  11. Ensuring Education and Protection to End Child Labor
  12. Creating Safe Online Spaces to Combat Cyberbullying's Impact on Mental Health
  13. Ensuring Access to Affordable Healthcare for All
  14. Bridging the Gap in Access to Technology to Address the Digital Divide
  15. Empowering Women and Girls Worldwide for Gender Equality


  1. Balancing Ethics and Innovation in Gene Editing for Genetic Disorders
  2. Revolutionizing Information Processing with Quantum Computing
  3. Protecting Ecosystems for Future Generations through Biodiversity Conservation
  4. Understanding Global Warming: Climate Change Science Explained
  5. Unveiling the Universe's Mysteries through Space Exploration
  6. Healing from Within: Stem Cell Research in Regenerative Medicine
  7. How Gut Bacteria Influence Human Health: Exploring the Microbiome
  8. Improving Healthcare with Artificial Intelligence: Promises and Challenges
  9. Preserving Life-Saving Drugs: Addressing Antibiotic Resistance
  10. Harnessing Sun, Wind, and Water: The Science of Renewable Energy
  11. Targeted Therapies at the Molecular Level: Nanotechnology in Medicine
  12. Unlocking the Secrets of the Mind: Cognitive Science and Human Behavior
  13. Exploring the Universe's Composition: Dark Matter and Dark Energy
  14. Sustainable Agriculture: Balancing Food Production and Environmental Protection
  15. Mitigating Light Pollution for Wildlife Conservation: The Impact of Artificial Light


  1. Reforming Campaign Finance to Reduce Political Influence of Money
  2. Ensuring Fair Access to Voting and Addressing Suppression
  3. Implementing Term Limits to Prevent Career Politicians
  4. Improving Democratic Representation with Ranked-Choice Voting
  5. Fighting Gerrymandering for Fairer Elections
  6. Regulating Corporate Influence on Legislation through Lobbying
  7. Managing Social Media's Impact on Political Discourse
  8. Balancing Security and Privacy in Government Surveillance
  9. Reforming the Electoral College for Equal Voting Power
  10. Creating a Path to Citizenship through Immigration Reform
  11. Making Political Donors Transparent in Campaigns
  12. Finding Common Ground to Address Political Polarization
  13. Examining Judicial Activism's Role in Democracy
  14. Holding Power Accountable through Political Satire
  15. Empowering Citizens through Civic Education

Easy Persuasive Speech Topics

  1. Why Every School Should Have a Recycling Program
  2. The Benefits of Adopting a Pet from a Shelter
  3. Why Everyone Should Learn Basic First Aid Skills
  4. The Importance of Eating Breakfast Every Day
  5. Why You Should Choose Reusable Water Bottles Over Plastic
  6. The Benefits of Volunteering in Your Community
  7. Why Reading Books Is Better Than Watching TV
  8. The Importance of Regular Exercise for Overall Health
  9. Why We Should Reduce Our Use of Single-Use Plastics
  10. The Benefits of Gardening for Mental Health
  11. Why Learning a Second Language Is Beneficial
  12. The Importance of Proper Handwashing to Prevent Illness
  13. Why You Should Spend More Time Outdoors
  14. The Benefits of Meditation for Stress Relief
  15. Why It's Important to Express Gratitude Regularly

Fun Persuasive Speech Topics

  1. Why Pizza Should Be Declared the Official Food of Fridays
  2. The Benefits of Having a Pet Rock in Today's Digital Age
  3. Why Wearing Pajamas All Day Should Be Encouraged
  4. The Case for Adding 'Nap Time' to the Workday
  5. Why Ice Cream Should Be Served as a Main Course
  6. The Benefits of Starting Meetings with a Dance Party
  7. Why Every Workplace Needs a 'Bring Your Pet to Work' Day
  8. The Importance of Having a Silly Hat Day Every Month
  9. Why Every School Should Have a Weekly Recess for Adults
  10. The Case for Declaring a National Pillow Fight Day
  11. Why Cartoon Characters Should Run for Political Office
  12. The Benefits of Having a Mandatory 'Funny Joke Hour' Every Day
  13. Why Water Balloon Fights Should Replace Traditional Team-building Activities
  14. The Case for Instituting 'Random Acts of Kindness' Days in Every Community
  15. Why Adults Should Embrace the Magic of Coloring Books

Interesting Persuasive Speech Topics

If you've already found the perfect topic, just give us a shout and ask us to 'write paper.' Meanwhile, here are some additional intriguing topics to consider as a final touch!

  1. Smiling Can Change Lives
  2. Laughter Yoga Improves Health
  3. Effective Listening for Better Relationships
  4. Daily Gratitude Boosts Well-being
  5. Beating Procrastination with Strategies
  6. Mindful Eating Improves Food Relationships
  7. Understanding Decision-Making Psychology
  8. Music Boosts Memory and Learning
  9. Positive Affirmations Lead to Success
  10. Kindness Spreads Joy and Connection
  11. Confronting and Overcoming Fear
  12. Hugging for Health and Connection
  13. Happiness Strategies for Daily Life
  14. Volunteering Boosts Well-being
  15. Building Inner Strength through Resilience
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