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Livermore Valley Charter Preparatory (LVCP)

Charter Schools

Preparatory Schools


What Went Wrong

The educational system is complex and evolving. Educators constantly work on creating the best environment for the students. Any good teacher knows the value of a good paper writer skills and preparatory steps for students who need extra help. Charter preparatory schools are one of those measures to ensure the quality of education.

However, all of these stories would always involve highs and lows. One such example was Livermore Valley Charter Preparatory (LVCP). What are charter preparatory schools? What was the reason for LVCP to cease to exist, even though the start was promising?

Charter Schools

There are plenty of examples of how educators try to change the system. Many of them involve internal changes that involve classrooms in particular. None of the changes are possible without the broader consideration of the educational system and legislation associated with it.

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For many people who live in the US, the topic of charter schools can be associated with the Bill Gates foundation's investment in the development of such educational establishments. Even though they appeared as early as 1991, the value and potential of charter schools are up for debate.

Charter school is a publicly funded tuition-free institution. The main difference from public schools is greater autonomy on the basis that they have to provide the highest standards. The schools of this type vary greatly in terms of students' achievements. At the same time, the freedom from traditional public school requirements also includes

  • hiring of staff according to internal procedures and standards;
  • creation and adoption of independent curricula;
  • independent shaping of calendars and academic year;

Because charter schools are independent of public ones, they also require more transparency regarding their processes. Yet, even though they have a considerable amount of freedom, they still are supervised by higher institutions.

charter school

Preparatory Schools

Preparatory schools focus on the preparation of their graduates and readiness to enter higher education institutions. The knowledge they provide is quite specific. So it might be a good idea to get some external aid like math homework helpers or essay writing tutors.Indeed, all schools have the end goal of their students finding their career paths and jobs. Often, charter schools are synonymous with success. Therefore, they also take the role of being a better quality facility for children.

But is the quality associated with a special type of school? Isn't the quality a characteristic every institution strives to have? The answer is financial interest and market

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Livermore Valley Charter Preparatory (LVCP)

LVCP was founded in 2010. It aimed to provide 9th-grade students with an alternative to the traditional curriculum. It included students from 9th to 12th grade, with a 500 students limit of enrollment. Like any other school, the focus of LVCP was to transform and change, going beyond expectations. One of the benefits was small classrooms, which meant more attention to attendees.

On top of core subjects, LVCP offered a great variety of clubs and extra activities. From math club to music program, students could easily pick their interests. Great attention was also paid to sports and ways in which students can advance in the field. Attendees could choose from basketball to golf.

Overall, the satisfaction with results and the school itself was high. All tests, as established in California state, met above the average results (for instance, math proficiency of students was 40-59%, with 38% state average). The diversity of schools was lower than on average in the state, but it could be explained by the low enrollment limit.

But what could have gone wrong? The major concern of the board was the violation of students' rights. The district took into account claims about illegal tuition charges and transfer of students against them within two of Livermore charter schools. The concern was also connected to the low qualification of teachers: the interpersonal relationships between educators and students often were tense, and students experienced pressure and bullying.

Even though the cases of child abuse were dismissed, the allegations of fraud and illegal tuition were proven. In June 2017, LVCP was officially closed after losing accreditation.

What Went Wrong?

The tale is as old as the world. The main disadvantage of any institution is the window of opportunity for corruption. One may argue that the system needs more rules, but the question is always tied to other aspects. Why do people undermine the integrity of the school for the sake of their financial benefit?

Livermore Valley Charter Preparatory accusations of child abuse also showcase the problem of standardization and hiring of teachers who are fit for the job. Educators themselves have little impact on the situation if the authorities ignore their notices. It is a complex and tangled system to be changed in the future.

What started as an innovative space ended up being a nightmare for people who wanted to bring change to the charter preparatory school. But the potential for growth and learning from these cases remains on the horizon.

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