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Tips for Delivering a Killer Presentation

Prof. Wesley Spencer
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Dec 13, 2022
Tips for Delivering a Killer Presentation
killer presentation

How to Give a Killer Presentation?

Do's of a Killer Presentation

Don'ts of a Killer Presentation

How to Make a Good Powerpoint Presentation?

Killer Presentation Example

Looking for tips to help you deliver the presentation that wows your audience? Whether you've been assigned a presentation high school or in college, congratulations! You're in the right place. Delve into the article to learn how to make a PowerPoint presentation or anything concerning 'how to presentations' in general. 

First, let's start with the presentation definition - it's a means of communication that can be adapted to different speaking situations, such as addressing a meeting, briefing a team, or just talking to a group. It can also be used for getting the point across at a video conference or making a speech at a wedding.

Presentation requires you to deliver a message to the listeners and often contains persuasive elements. For example, it may be a talk about your organization's work or why you should receive additional funds for your ongoing project.

Simply to say, the presentation meaning goes as - a way to communicate your thoughts and ideas to the audience.

If you want to give a successful presentation, you have to work on your presentation skills. And to catch the audience's attention, you have to create an engaging presentation. But don't worry; it can be learned and acquired reasonably. If you want to learn how to give a killer presentation ted talk-like, we are here to provide you with helpful techniques.

How to Give a Killer Presentation?

We are sure you have had to deliver a presentation at least once during your lifetime. After reading this article, you'll have all the information needed to impress your audience like a pro.

We all know that people attend presentations for a reason - to gain insightful points. But often, we see the audience scrolling through their phones, yawning, checking their watch, and wishing the time would go faster. It can be happening for two reasons - either the presentation content and visual aids aren't interesting enough, or the speaker can't engage the audience members.

Delivering an engaging presentation is an art that takes time to master. To give a killer presentation, you have to consider many perspectives. Here are some tips to remember:

Plan your storyline - an interesting story can nail your entire presentation. For instance, take TED talks. All the stories support the speakers' main points in each speech. Try to have a strong opening to interest your audience from the beginning. Then, spend twice more time creating the storyline than presentation slides.

Make your slides simple - don't crowd your PowerPoint presentation slides, or no one will read them. Instead, use bullet points to divide the texts. Present only one idea per slide; sometimes, one sentence or word can tell more than a slide full of text.

Practice - Exercise giving the presentation before actually having it. It's painful when speakers actively keep looking down at note cards, making them look unconfident. Stage presence is a very significant part of your presentation. People will listen more carefully if you sound confident and persuasive. During rehearsal, use a mirror or a video camera to see where you stutter, seem nervous and how you use body language.

Strong opening - hook your audience from the beginning. Then, use an effective icebreaker to help you energize your audience and set the stage. It can be a quiz, a poll, or even a simple question.

If you create your presentation using these tips, you are already closer to knowing how to give a killer presentation. Meanwhile, if you have to write your essay, use magic words: write my paper, and our professionals will craft it for you.

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Do's of a Killer Presentation

Tips on giving a presentation will never be enough. Everyone works differently with the audience, you can learn some techniques, but at the end you have to adjust them to your preferences.

Probably nothing feels worse than being on stage presenting your ideas and thoughts while watching your listeners' eyes glaze over, starting to see them get bored and not interested anymore. 

A great presentation requires good presentation skills and effective communication techniques. The core of the pitch deck is the combination of oral and visual presentation. To excel in both you can use this presentation on how to deliver a killer speech, along with the tips below.

dos of killer presentation

First Address the Issue

At the beginning of your presentation, as we already said you have to hook the target audience right off the bat. The issue you're talking about has to be addressed from the start. The effective way to do that is through storytelling. Ted talk is a very clear example of how powerful storytelling can be. Its simple structure allows people to see the messages. Plus, the audience feels closer and more comfortable with speakers when they share stories. But it doesn't mean your whole presentation has to be one story. Instead, you can start with a personal joke/anecdote that addresses the key points you want to discuss.

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Use your Body Language

Body language is as important in presentation as it is in every kind of communication. Gestures and facial expressions say a lot about the speaker. Even if you sound confident, your body language can say it better. Avoid hands behind your back, crossed arms, or hands in your pocket during presentations.

Try not to appear stressed or tense, and always stand straight. Your facial expressions should be open and friendly. Smile and show your listeners that you also enjoy the topic and are confident in the information you are presenting. Keep eye contact with them. Remember that a killer presentation can't be given if you don't use your body language properly. 

Keep it Short

There is also another interesting fact about ted talks that we can use. Have you noticed how short they are? Like always. No one likes to listen to an hour-long presentation, even if it refers to a very interesting topic. No presentation has to be longer than 20 minutes. People can only focus on one subject for a specific amount of time, typically around 10 minutes at most. That's why TED decided that everyone must keep their presentations under 18 minutes.

But there are times when you need to present longer than 20 minutes. In that case, you have to use different techniques to engage the audience. Use different strategies to involve your listeners and divide presentations into two parts. A presentation how to not fall asleep during an hour session would also be interesting to present.

Engage with Your Audience

Many think that speaking to the audience automatically means that they are already involved in your speech, but of course, it's not entirely true, and there is a huge difference. Involving members in your presentations includes quizzes, small discussion sessions, questions, surveys, and more. People won't have the option to sit back and not listen when you engage them in your speaking; they will also find it enjoyable.

If you want to take inspiration, you can listen to different ted talks, where you will find strange and interesting ways how to make a presentation interactive by involving the audience. Also, one strange thing is that students are paying money to other students or people to write their essays, while you can actually pay for research paper and get your homework done by reliable experts.

Practice Makes Perfect!

Practice makes perfect, and yeah, it's true. Even your own presentations need to be rehearsed. You don't want to get to the stage in front of a big audience and start stuttering, right? That's why you need to rehearse your speech. But keep in mind not to over-rehearse either. That can make you seem like you know it by heart, not organically speaking. On the other hand, you can appear more formal, so try to find the balance in your rehearsals.

Don't read from your note cards; instead, show passion and actively move around the stage, making eye contact with different audience members. That's more engaging and compelling. Doing this way, you definitely can give a killer presentation.

Don'ts of a Killer Presentation

With tips on how to present well and how presentations can be more powerful, you can also see what not to do during your speech.

According to research, there are some annoying presenting habits that upsets the audience. From 360 responses, these are the results:

  • Reading the presentations
  • Not knowing the subject - the speaker isn’t confident enough
  • Using too many 'uuhhs' and 'umms'
  • Speaking in a boring voice
  • Taking too much time
  • Speaking too fast
  • Having bad slides
  • Having no visual aids
  • Not making eye contact

These habits can't be used during a presentation if you want them to be impressive and effective. So now let's discuss the main don'ts you must not do while presenting.

donts of killer presentation

Don't Read from Slides

Reading your presentation will annoy your listeners and won't engage them in your speecj. Even the most well-practiced presenters come off as sounding monotonous while reading from slides. Plus, you lose eye contact with your audience, which is a surefire way to lose their interest.

A PowerPoint presentation should only help you in reminding your main points and ideas to discuss. It should only contain a sentence or even a word. All important points can't be elaborated on a single slide. Then you have to explain this point or idea to your audience instead of reading it from slides.

Don't Lose Your Personality

People want to feel closer to a speaker, so a personal connection with the audience is crucial. That's why storytelling is so powerful, as we already discussed above. The human element has to come from you. Going on stage doesn't mean you have to leave your personality backstage. Instead, you have to show them who you are.

Showing personality lets the listeners see the person behind the speech and makes a far more interactive presentation than usual, which is something every presenter should strive for.

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Don't Forget to Get Ready for Questions

Often presenters are so focused on presentations they forget to prepare for Q&A sessions, which are typically held afterward. Always remember not to be that person. Instead, while rehearsing your speech, try to anticipate what questions might arise in people's minds and prepare the answers. A poorly planned Q&A session can overshadow even the most successful presentation.

Don't Be Monotonous

Even the most fascinating subject may become boring if you come off as uninteresting. Always try to be confident; that way, you convey to your listeners that you are confident in the topic too.

Keeping the audience involved is very hard if you speak in a dull voice. When you practice your presentation, focus on not only memorization but on infusing your words as well. Susan Ward says - 'People who speak in a monotone voice or with inappropriate expression in their voices are perceived as untrustworthy, boring, or even shifty.' Try not to be that person, please.

How to Make a Good Powerpoint Presentation?

To make a presentation online there are many new digital tools available. If your visual aids are as engaging as your topic, your presentation can be twice more successful.

Creating a good PowerPoint presentation is a skill any presenter can benefit from. The problem is that it's easy to get it wrong. From many different font sizes to poor color choices, a bad slide can distract the fascinating content you share with your audience.

That's why it's important to know how to make a good PowerPoint presentation. A little refresher can help you make a more impactful slideshow, even if you're familiar with this tool.

Here are some tips that can make your presentation more attractive:

  • Add a few transitions to the slides - that can add movement and showmanship to your presentation. Powerpoint has several transitions built into it to choose from.
  • Slide master feature - use it to create a consistent and simple design template. Be consistent with fonts, colors, and backgrounds, but you can vary the content like text, image, bullet list, etc.
  • Add animations - like transitions; animations can also add movement and reveal information. It can help you underscore the key takeaways you want to hit during your presentation.
  • Align properly - To make your slides look polished and professional align all the objects properly.
  • Create custom shapes - right-click and press edit points; with it, you can create custom shapes that fit your specific needs.
  • The number of words - simplify and limit the number of words on each slide; you don't want the slides to be filled with text.
  • Keep it simple - PowerPoint is a great tool to enrich your presentation with different graphics, but don't forget to keep it simple, as what you say is more important.

With design, style, and a powerful tool, you can do more with PowerPoint. However, while you are doing college essays and preparing for your presentations, you may look for definition essay topics and if necessary, purchase one for yourself.

Killer Presentation Example

Before concluding our article, we have prepared one of the best presentation templates for you. Check this out to have clear guidance on how to make a presentation that will stand out in your class!

Presentation Sample