What should an outline for an informative essay do?

A. Use effective language
B. State the main topic
C. Smooth transitions
D. Include all relevant details


Teacher Ida


The main aim of the outline plan is to b) state the main topic of the essay. The professor should understand what you are going to talk about. Also, do not forget to include the thesis in your outline — it shows the paper’s key idea and helps control the ideas discussed in the essay.

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Prof. Wesley Spencer


B) When you’re preparing to write an essay, your outline helps to state the main topic of the essay clearly. It is like a list of all ideas/arguments you will discuss in the academic paper. So, you should state the key topic to adhere to the purpose of the essay.

Robert W.


D. Include all relevant details. The goal of an informative essay outline is to figure out what you will write about and arrange your ideas. An outline is indeed a concise and easy-to-follow blueprint of your essay. It depicts what will be in each paragraph, the order in which paragraphs will occur, and how the ideas will blend. An outline is vital in all academic writing styles.

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