Which topic or issue would be most appropriate for a four- to five-page research paper?

A. Animal rights
B. Medical testing on animals
C. When john muir started sierra club
D. Activism in the US


Robert W.


D) Activism in the US is a good topic for the 4 to 5 research paper. It’s quite a debatable and relevant issue to discuss. So, the student should search for enough evidence and credible sources to support the main idea.

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Teacher Ida


The topic d) “Activism in the US “fit the best in this case. This topic is not broad enough for a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree but is arguable sufficiently for conducting research. The student should involve some historical background, then write about recent examples of activism, and show the outcomes of this issue in different aspects.

Prof. Wesley Spencer


B. Medical testing on animals. This is appropriate since it contains a lot of essential issues that should be tackled. One will begin by explaining what happens during medical tests on animals. Following that, the historical context of animal medical testing should be studied. The advantages and disadvantages of animal medical testing must then be discussed, followed by ethical considerations related to this phenomenon. This will be enough stuff for up to 5 pages of writing.

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