Which research question would be most appropriate for a four- to five-page research paper?

A. Are teens that play sports less likely to have jobs at the same time?
B. Would cutting extracurricular activities anger students?
C. Is there a correlation between extracurricular activities and grades?
D. How many teens participate in extracurricular activities every year?


Teacher Ida


Question C requires thorough research. It is not just a topic for one lecture, as the student needs time to find relative data to provide arguments. Thus, 4 to 5 pages will be enough to include several points of view, present some statistical data, and conclude everything.

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Prof. Wesley Spencer


Question c) “Is there a correlation between extracurricular activities and grades?” can be a topic for a research paper, as it discusses quite a broad topic. There can be different judgments and various surveys, so one or two pages won’t be enough to include all the data. This research can even become a background for a degree thesis.

Robert W.


C. Is there a correlation between extracurricular activities and grades? This necessitates extensive research. This is not a concept covered in a single lecture because the student will need time to gather relevant data to support their claims. There are numerous variables to consider, including both independent and dependent variables. Thus, four to five pages will suffice to cover a variety of viewpoints.

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