What section of a research paper should contain the main idea?

A. The body
B. The conclusion
C. The title
D. The introduction
E. The bibliography


Teacher Ida


D) The introduction is the part of the research that contains the main idea of the paper. The Bachelor’s and Master’s students should understand the structure of the academic papers and know the aim of each. The introduction tells the reader what the research or essay is going to be about.

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Prof. Wesley Spencer


Of course, it’s about d) the introduction. While conducting research papers during the semester, remember that your introduction is key to understanding the whole paper. Do not forget about a thesis at the end of the introduction, as its primary purpose is to highlight the main idea of the whole text.

Robert W.


D. The introduction. The first section of a research paper is the introduction. The essential concept of a research paper should be stated in the introduction. The core point is frequently expressed in this initial section as a synopsis of what would be addressed or elaborated throughout the text's body. The reader is introduced to the main idea inside the introduction.

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