Which of the following skills is most important in learning how to write a research paper?

A. Knowing how to use proper grammar
B. Knowing how to use the Readers' Guide
C. Knowing the rules of proper punctuation
D. Knowing how to plan before you write


Teacher Ida


D) No doubts that planning is one of the primary skills to write a perfect research paper. Before starting a research, you should outline all ideas and subtopics to include. Also, the researcher should consider transitions between the sections to make the paper coherent.

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Prof. Wesley Spencer


All students, whether graduate or undergraduate, should remember that d) knowing how to plan before you write is the key to success. Research papers involve several steps: searching for credible sources, analyzing the found information about a topic, making an outline, collecting arguments, and making a conclusion.

Robert W.


D. Knowing how to plan before you write. Without a doubt, one of the essential skills for writing a superb research paper is planning. Before you begin your research, make a list of all the themes and subtopics you want to cover. In order to create a logical paper, the researcher must also examine transitions between sections.

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